Vincent Rumahloine is an Indonesian artist working with mixed media, mostly
photography and video. He graduated from Fine Arts Department at Bandung
Institute of Technology in 2009. Since then he is involved in social work as a
volunteer in several organizations including Rumah Cemara – HIV and Drug
Addiction Treatment Center located in Bandung. This activity is strongly
connected to his artistic praxis. Vincent involves the local community to the
process of art making. People with whom he works, come from the
overpopulated areas with the low socioeconomic status. It means that art is often
not a value for them. At the beginning of the process Vincent presents himself
and his project to the community, sharing his perspective on world through his
involvement in the daily activities of the community. He does not organize
formal meetings, workshops or classes. Slowly he gains the trust of the
community and its interest in the project. Eventually Vincent becomes one of its
members. The whole community is involved in the process of art making.
Everyone can bring his own input. The final step is an exhibition open for the
public. The works are presented in the involved area, not in an art gallery. For
the last project it was a squatter area of Bandung. Invited guests are both the
locals and the people important for the art world. This is the chance for them to
redefine position of an artist and art space in nowadays world.
Through his works Vincent shows that art is not exclusive. Involvement of the
other, often very simple people is very important for Vincent’s creative process.
He learns something new from every single person he meets. Conversations and
interviews are always a huge part of every project. Vincent believes that the

social change should start in everyone’s closest environment.


2010 - now Founder of Kelas Entar Malem, Artist Iniative cross disciplinary learning
                   class, Bandung, Indonesia.
2016 - now Founder of Arisan Project, Artist – Anthropologist initiative cross
                   disciplinary project, Bandung, Indonesia.
2015 - now Founder of V Auction, Bandung, Indonesia

Workshop/Speakers experience:

2014 Speaker and Judge for Photo and video workshop, Indonesian
          Medical Student’s Training and Competition (IMST)
2015 Photo documentary and film documentary, Anthropology Padjajaran
2016 Symposium Speaker for “ART OF ANTIEXCLUTION”, Singapore
2016 Workshop “How to start an art project with community”, Singapore
2017 Mentor and Workshop “Design Thinking” INDDES, Bandung Institute Of
         Technology, Bandung, Indonesia
2017 Mentor and Workshop “Art in the Public Space”, FIKOM UNPAD,
         Bandung, Indonesia

Residencies experience:

2005 Putaran Miring, Desa Bayat, Klaten, Yogyakarta
2015 Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia
2016 Goethe Institute Bandung, Indonesia
2017 Inhabitant Zero Residency Program , Jarfalla ,Sweden

Curatorial experience:

2015 Art Against Stigma Rumah Cemara, ITB Art Fair, Bandung, Indonesia
2015 Family Portrait Project, Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia
2015 Museum of River Community Kuya Gaya, YPK building, Bandung,
2015 Penance, Andro Napitupulu Solo Exhibitions, Omni Space, Bandung,
2015 Pulosari Community Museum Exhibition, Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia.

Solo Exhibition:

2015 Melainkan tentang kamu #2 Project :“Family Portrait” Lapangan
Ujung, Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions:

2005 Tanah, Api, dan putaran miring, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
2006 US - INDUSTRY, Rumah Teh Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
2008 Open House Institute Of Technology Exhibition, Aula Barat ITB, Bandung, Indonesia
2009 Human Rights Photo Exhibition, HABIBIE FOUNDATION, Jakarta, Indonesia
2011 Extranoema, Padi Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
         The Other I, Padi Galerry, Bandung, Indonesia
         Distraksi, Titik Oranje Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
         Long Live Milosudae, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
         Photo Exhibition "Indonesia di mata kami", Sekertarian PDI-P, Bandung, Indonesia
2012 25 finalist Exhibition for Festival of Printmaking, Lawangwangi Art & Science
         Estate, Bandung, Indonesia
         25 finalist Exhibition for Bandung Contemporary Art Award #02, Lawangwangi
         Art & Sciene Estate, Bandung , Indonesia
         Fourteen For Teenager, Airplane, Bandung, Indonesia
         Extranoema, Padi Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia
2015 OFFM Public Art Panels, Frankfurt, Germany
         Langkah kepalang dekolonialisasi, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
         Kunst Und Umwelt, YPK building, Bandung, Indonesia
         Temporal, Gedung Gas Negara Building, Bandung, Indonesia
2016 Open House Goethe Insititut Bandung, Indonesia
         Domestic Affairs, Omni Space, Bandung, Indonesia
2017 Studi Selat Sunda, Ferry’s at Sunda Strait, 24 hours performance art, Jakarta –
          Lampung, Indonesia
          ARISAN PROJECT 2017, Bandung, Indonesia
          Maju – Mundur Collective Projects, Bandung, Indonesia
          ONE CHILD ONE LIFE PROJEKT, Kunstkring Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


4th place on the student category for Habibie Foundation Human Right Photo
25 Finalist Festival Of Printmaking
25 Finalist Bandung Contemporary Art Award #02


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